people need to wake up before it is too late
Jan 2 2014
Briefing 409

Dear President Obama,

Why don’t you explain to the American people section 1311(H) (1) (B) of the Health Care law? This specifically states that the Secretary of HHS has the right to tell doctors how to treat patients. Does this coincide with ICD10 which has 68,000 codes for diagnosis and 14,000 codes for treatment? Did your key health advisor, Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel state that doctors take the Hippocratic Oath too serious? I guess that is why you don’t take your Oath of Office too serious.

Dr. Donald Berwick, your nominee to run this mess you helped create, insists that government should step in between doctors and patients to curb and REDISTRIBUTE, MEDICAL RESOURCES ALLOWCATED BASED ON IMPORTANT SUB GROUPS. Groups not patients should be the major concern. These rules and regulation will take control over government and private plans. Can you explain, without lying, what and who these important sub groups are, or don’t you even know?

Congressmen Dr. Phil Gingray is sponsoring a bill to repeal the authority of the Secretary of HHS to regulate treatment doctors can prescribe. Are you going to support and sign it? I don’t think so. People need to start putting this all together and understand your social communistic agenda. There is no other way to put it.

Your blatant disregard for the Constitution, your abuse of executive powers, and your twisted lies must be challenged by the congress or they will become more insignificant than they already are. In my last letter, I stated we need an American President, are you the President or just a front man for a pack of progressive subversives?

The hope for this country is that all the people wake up and see you for what you really are and that Obamacare takes a nose dive into oblivion before it cost the people the medical treatment they need, deserve and pay for. You perpetrated, lied about and supported Obamacare and what is worse the democratic sheep in Congress helped you pass the law. A sad chapter in the History of the United States.

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